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Western Australia

Perth and the south-west corner of Western Australia are easily accessible, but visiting much of the rest of the state requires planning and long drives.

Western Australia covers about one third of the total land mass of Australia. The vastness of the state is best described by the fact, that if it were a country, it would be in the top ten by area, as large as Argentina, larger than any African or European country, and twice the size of Alaska.

The large majority of the 2 million inhabitants live on the southwestern area in or close to Perth. Outside of the Perth area there are less than 500,000 people, with only a handful of townships over a few thousands residents. The state's main attraction resides precisely in its overall remoteness and huge expanses of untouched scenery.

Western Australia is known for its 12,500 km of white, untouched beaches, its great deserts with oases of emerald green, and beautiful lush tropical rainforests in the north. Western Australia is also known for its spectacular wildlife, from crocodiles in the north, to koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus and camels. Yes, camels - left from the days when Afghan drivers guided caravans across the deserts to supply the many diverse places in WA. There are also many animal species that are found nowhere else in the world.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is based around the Swan River on a flat coastal plain from the Darling ranges. Perth is a beautiful and laid back city with many un-crowded beaches along the coastline. Perth and the southwest corner including the Margaret River and Albany are easily accessible by flights from other places in Australia as well as from overseas. Much of the rest of the state is accessible too, but requires some planning, and will probably require some long driving.

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