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Queensland is a popular wintertime travel destination, with many beach resorts both to the north and the south of its capital city, Brisbane.
Queensland is located in the northeast of Australia, north of New South Wales. Eastern Queensland has a climate ranging from subtropical to tropical, and it is a popular wintertime tourist destination. Queensland is probably most famous because of its association with the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world, composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for 2,600 kilometers (1,600 miles) over an area of approx. 344,400 square kilometers (133,000 square miles). The reef can be seen from outer space. It is the world's biggest single structure made by living organisms. Many tour boats along the coast will take you to various places on the reef, where you can watch the marine life and go snorkeling or scuba diving.
Brisbane is a city not to be missed, it offers world class arts, adventure, fashion, dining, nightlife and daylife. West End has trendy bars and restaurants, with markets on Saturdays along the river where local culture and local farmers sell their products. The city center offers shopping in shady pedestrian malls. Southbank is the perfect destination for a low-cost or elegant night out, for fine dining some of the top class restaurants are to be found on Little Stanley Street.

About one hours drive to the south of Brisbane is The Gold Coast, probably the most popular seaside destination in Australia. Here you will find world class surfing, beautiful beaches, all kinds of accommodation, great food, deep sea fishing, nightlife and much more. From Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta the beaches alone are enough.

Two hours north of
Brisbane is The Sunshine Coast, that has the same to offer as the Gold Coast, but is less crowded. The Sunshine Coast is very popular among retirees who come to spend the rest of their days enjoying the climate and the sea. Fraser Coast is a gateway to Fraser Island , but has itself experienced a massive property boom and tourist explosion. Unspoiled beaches and waterways, whale watching and fishing are the main attractions. The Town of 1770 is the closest access point to the Great Barrier Reef, north of Brisbane. Great accommodation deals and quiet holidays can be had in this area, where the reef is accessible for inexpensive day trips by boat.

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