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Tasmania is the smallest of Australia's states and is an island located off the south eastern tip of the mainland.
Tasmania was settled by the British as a penal colony and convicts were first transported to what was then called Van Diemen's Land, in 1804. The ruins of the convict jails can still be seen at various places, particularly at Port Arthur, which has been carefully preserved and has many convict related activities for tourists. For its size, Tasmania has plenty attractions, and about 40% of the island is protected as national parks, forest and marine reserves.

Tasmania is famous for its merino wool which is used by Japanese companies to manufacture high quality men's suits. It is also known for it now extinct Tasmanian tiger, and the nocturnal Tasmanian devil, that are currently under threat of extincion due to a widespread facial tumour.

Hobart is the capital city of the state of Tasmania. Hobart has a population of around 250,000, and is small and intimate compared to larger mainland Australian cities, reflecting the small size of the state. The metropolitan area stretches north and south along the Derwent River, crossed by several bridges. It has a mild oceanic climate, with four distinct seasons.

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