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Travel Insurance

Before you travel, always make sure you have checked the insurance cover you already have, and if you are not already covered or sufficiently covered take out additional insurance.

A travel insurance normally covers one or more of the following incidents: coverage for vacation or trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical and health expenses, lost baggage and more.

Many people already have an all year travel insurance together with their other insurances. Quite often the insurance is limited to specific geografical areas, and may also have limitations in other respects.

In some countries the National Health Insurance also covers when abroad, but may be restricted only to provide insurance cover in specific geografic regions.

Some credit cards provides travel insurance as part of the membership of certain categories of the credit card (for instance platinum members).

If you book through a travel agency they will usually offer you a travel insurance as part of the packages. It may be that you do not need this because of the cover you already have in place, or because you want to take out your own travel insurance through one of the many companies that specializes in travel insurances.

It is usually rather inexpensive to take out a travel insurance, especially when you compare to the costs of your travel. So if you are in any doubt about how you are already covered it is good advice to buy a specific cover for the trip you are planing.

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Travel Insurance
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