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Europe offers many tourist attractions; the continent has 44 independent countries, all with their own cultural background and language.
For the tourist, Europe offers many attractions. The continent has important archaeological areas, a very rich historical and cultural background, beautiful cities and small centers. This melting-pot of people, languages and nations furthermore gives the tourist a great variety of folkloristic, gastronomic and linguistic experiences. Also the natural beauties are many, the mountains, the lakes, rivers and the sea.

Europe is a rather small continent that only represents 7% of the world land surface area (10.4 mill. sq. km.) and accommodates approx. 11% (663.3 mill.) of the world population. There are 44 independent countries in Europe, all with their own cultural background and language.
Germany is the most populated country in Europe with 82.5 million inhabitants, followed by France and the United Kingdom, both with a population of just over 60 million. By area France is the biggest country in Europe followed in order by Ukraine, Spain and Sweden. From a tourist point of view, Europe represents the continent most visited in the world, 54.5% of the worldwide tourism goes to Europe.
On the world top ten list of countries most visited by tourists, France is in first place, second is Spain at the fifth place we find Italy , sixth is United Kingdom and as number nine and ten we find Germany and Austria .

Most overseas visitors to Europe will fly in to
London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt airports, but the airports in Paris, Zurich and Madrid are also well connected to many destinations around the world.

Once in Europe it is very easy to get around and the distances are relatively small. From the main points of entry there are plenty of flight connections to most of the European countries, but you can also chose to travel by train, some of which are high speed. A train journey will give you a better opportunity to experience the landscapes and the different cultures of the European countries.

You may choose to rent a car and drive yourself. Remember that on the British Isle you drive on the left hand side whilst in the rest of the European countries you drive on the right. Make sure to investigate beforehand if you need an international driving license to drive in Europe, it depends on which country your driving license has been issued in and to some extent also on the countries you want to drive in.

Many countries use the Euro as their common currency, but some countries in Europe are not part of the Euro and use their own currency. Among the countries with their own currency are the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark so when you go to these countries you will have to exchange to the local currency and not into Euro.

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Travel the WorldEuropeNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaAfricaAustraliaAntarcticaWorld MapAbout