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Paraguay will particularly appeal to travellers who have already been to larger, more varied South American destinations.
Paraguay is a little-known, landlocked country, which has found itself somewhat isolated from its neighbors in the past by geography and politics. Paraguay, now a republic, is located in the central-southern part of South America, bordered to the north by Bolivia, to the east by Brazil, to the south and west by Argentina. The population is around 6.2 million, making it one of the continent's least densely populated countries; most people are "mestizos" (people of mixed Spanish and Native American Descent). 

Paraguay will particularly appeal to travellers who have already been to larger, more varied South American destinations, but who are now ready to experience the more subtle attractions of the continent such as learning about the Guarani Indians, watching Nanduti lace being made or seeing a jaguar or alligator. Paraguay can offer many 
attractions like grassy plains, untamed wilderness of marshes, dense forests, jungles, national parks, Jesuit missions and the Chaco, one of South America's great wilderness areas. 
Paraguay furthermore has some breathtaking waterfalls where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina come together. Few people in Paraguay speak English and without at least some basic Spanish it might be hard to get by. 

The capital of Paraguay is
 Asunción, located on the left bank of Rio Paraguay it is the only real city in the country, and a major river port. The population is around 1.2 million. Some rank Asunción as the world's cheapest capital. The city has a certain charm, but only a few traditional tourist attractions. Most key sights are by the riverfront, including Palacio Legislativo and Avenida Colón. Watch out for dengue fever carrying mosquitoes. 

From outside of South America, there are no direct flights to Asunción. The best options are to take a flight to Sao Paulo or Buenos Aireand change to one of the local air carriers.  

The climate of Paraguay is subtropical to temperate, with substantial rainfall in eastern parts of the country. Asunción becomes very hot and humid during the summer months (January through March).

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