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Colombia is the only country in South America with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
Lying to the south of PanamaColombia controls the land access between Central and South America. The country was named in honor of Christopher Columbus, although he never actually set foot there. 

Colombia is a surprising placeIt has beautiful cities surrounded by green mountains, amazing beaches, and stunning colonial style structures. The cities offer a unique mix of tradition with the cosmopolitan, and the people are among the friendliest you'll meet on your travels. Spanish is the main language, and it would help you, if you know some Spanish before you go to Colombia, since there are not many Colombians who speak English. 

Geographically, Colombia has numerous options. Within its borders, Colombia has snow-capped mountains, deserts, tropical beaches, volcanoes, rainforest, grasslands and everything in between. These allow a range of different options from bathing in a mud volcano and paragliding to Amazonian adventure, as well as a holiday on the beach with all the usual water activities.  
The total population of Colombia is about 43 million people. Bogotá is the capital and parts of it feel like Europe. It located in the center at a rather high altitude (2,600 meters above sea level) so it can be quite cold and dry. This is the country's riches city and is more orderly with slums lying out to the south of the city. Cartagena is the most beautiful city; it is located on the coast and is full of colonial architecture. 

There are regular international flights to major cities including BogotáMedellinCaliBarranquillaCartagenaPereira, and San Andres Islands as well as to smaller cities in the borders with Venezuela and Ecuador. There are daily flights to and from USACanadaMexicoCosta RicaPanamaSpainFrance and the other countries in South America.

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