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Tourism in Turkey is focused largely on a variety of historical sites, and on the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts.
If you want to relax, you will find amazing beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean costs, and lots of holiday resorts like Antalya and Marmaris to mention two out of many.

Turkey is a country that shares the Middle East's reputation for hospitality and warmth, and the rich cultural heritage that it has developed as one of the most important trading nations throughout history as the gateway between the eastern and the western world. Turkey has a total area of 783,600 square kilometres (302,500 square miles) and a total population of 71 million people.The capital is Ankara, the biggest city is Istanbul . Turkey is parliamentary republic.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit since the climate will be perfect in Istanbul and on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. The peak season is from July to mid-September, where most Turks take their holidays . The Black Sea cost is best visited between April and September, there will still be rain, but not so much of it.
Turkey is generally safe, but sporadic violence due to domestic and regional tensions does occur. The Iraq border region (south-east Turkey) continues to be very dangerous due to conflict between Turkish and Kurdish forces, and travel to these areas is not advised. Check travel advisers before traveling to rural areas near the boarders of Syria and Iran.

The cities and towns of Turkey are filled with remains and ruins due to empires that have come and gone, Hittites, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans , Mongols, to mention some, have all passed through and left their marks in the form of temples and palaces that dot the countryside. Istanbul is the gateway between Europe and Asia, divided by the Strait of Bosporus. Unesco has inscribed the Historic Areas of Istanbul as one out of 9 Turkish sites in the World Heritage List.

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