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Cruise Holidays
Cruise holidays have become increasing popular over the last couple of decades, and today you can cruise to destinations on all seven continents.
A cruise holiday offers many advantages. The most obvious is that you are bringing your accommodation with you when you sail from one place to the next. This saves you the hassle of packing, unpacking and checking in and out of hotel rooms as well as airports. Also you do not have to familiarize with new surroundings each time you go to a new place, once on board you know where the restaurants are, where you can buy things you need, and the kind of activities and entertainment that are on offer on board the cruise ship.

Among the most popular cruises are: Island hopping in the Caribbean that typically takes the passengers to several Caribbean islands like Jamaica, US Virgin Islands,Barbados and Martinique ; Mediterranean cruises where the ship docks at several historical cities along the coasts of the Mediterranean such as Rome, Athens and Barcelona; and Baltic Sea cruises that takes in St Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen among other places.

Cruise holidays have become increasing popular over the last couple of decades, and today you can cruise to destinations on all seven continents. When most people think of a cruise it involves a massive ship with many decks, restaurants and entertainment, in reality a sailing holiday resort. To some extent this is also the case, but there are many alternatives to this.
Luxury cruise ships are not that big, and the number of passengers is sometimes smaller than the number of staff on board. Sailing ship cruises offer more intimate experience that connects you with wind and wave while providing a closer view of marine life and ship operations. River cruises can be on rather small boats depending on how far up the river you want to go.

Themed cruises have become increasingly popular, and a great variety of subjects are available, from fine wine and cuisine to culture, music and history. Programs may include special guests, lectures, themed shore excursions and the chance to interact with leading experts in a particular area. Dancing cruises are especially popular with senior cruisers, while golfing cruises obviously attracts golfers. Some themed cruises are geared toward families with children, and can be a great way to vacation together. One of the most well-known theme cruise lines is Disney Cruise Lines, that offers a variety of activities for the whole family and has the Disney characters aboard, but there are many other cruise lines with a family focus often including a range of services, facilities and activities that are tailored to children, teenagers, adults and even seniors.

Adventure or expedition cruises
are unique sailings that typically visit remote destinations otherwise inaccessible. Adventure cruise ships are typically smaller than mainstream vessels, usually serving a maximum of 150-200 passengers per voyage. Popular destinations for adventure cruises include: Antarctica, which involves crossing some of the planet's roughest waters; Galapagos Islands to explore unique wildlife; Alaska to take you close to its glaciers and into remote places where big cruise ships cannot go; Greenland, Lofoten and Spitsbergen for Arctic passages and fjord cruising.

Many cruise liners offer all inclusive packages for individuals as well as families. These packages include cost of living, meals, beverages as well as entertainment on board. This means that you do not have to worry too much about your budget once on board, but be aware that things vary from offer to offer, so it is advised to cross-check your package contract in order to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings.

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